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3/6/08 03:27 pm - Strange

Erik l'ange,

Have you ever seen pictures of someone you didn't know doing something and it effected you in some strange way...making you think it'd be fun?  Well...I'm a part of a wonderful long distance relationship community and kendalish posted pictures of her recent wedding with her husband now.  I don't know why...but they are beautiful and it really makes me want to have a wedding like hers.  I picked some pictures and will post them here so you can see how small and beautiful it was...and why this is now my "dream wedding" (I know I have a long, long time to figure this out lol but a girl can dream!)

There were numerous others but I'm not going to post them.  I just wanted you all to get an idea of the wedding...very small and by the beach at sunset *sigh* so beautiful and romantic!
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