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2 Hour Delay

3/5/08 11:36 pm - 2 Hour Delay

Erik l'ange,

So today wasn't the best day ever...but the evening turned out alright.  After talking with Garry on the phone it sorta helped me...kept me from getting too depressed, however, I'm still going through a strange burst of low self confidence.  I miss the days when my shoulders were burdenless.

I'm really too tired to do much of anything right now...I just wanted to make a post to let everyone know I'm alive and have issues currently...but I'm probably just PMSing or something.  That and I wanted to show off my awesome new icon *dances* I can hear Garry's voice in my head when I see it!  He always does his voice and he does it SO well...Garry's my Kronk (only smarter!) *cuddles*

My locker bit me today so now I have a lovely gash on the side of my pinky.  Those lockers need to be outlawed.

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,


PS. We have a 2 hour delay tomorrow morning and then we don't have school on Friday. Yay...I think.
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