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Music Meme

3/3/08 09:38 pm - Music Meme

Knowing me, this will be easy. -who it's by/where it's from, along with the title

Step 1: Put your iTunes on equivalent or random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 45 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Bold Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING.

1. Another Friday night, to get the feeling right at the bar when he sees her coming over.  What you gonna do, if she walks up to you?  Tongue tied, better get yourself together.

2. Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad...other things just make you swear and curse.

3. Oh-oh-oh woke up today, feeling the way I always do.  Oh-oh-oh hungry for something that I can eat, then I hear the beat.

4. My gift is my song, and this one's for you, and you can tell everybody that this is your song...it may be quite simple but now that it's done...hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind, that I put down in words, how wonderful life is now you're in the world. xoxrainsxox

5. You know just who I am, don't be so distant.  Cause when you're lost, I will be there to share your grief.  Wail in your sorrow is only my way to comfort you... scottishelf

6.  Father, we've something to tell you: a story of our time.  A tragic, but inspirin' tale of manhood in it's prime.

7. When the seas are rolling in, when the stars are shining clear, when the ghosts are howling near, when we sing the Russian lullaby.

8. A waltz when she walks in the room.  She pulls back the hair from her face.  She turns to the window, to sway in the moonlight, even her shadow has grace.

9. Heart don't fail me now, courage don't dessert me, don't turn back now that we're here.  People always say, life is full of choices, no one ever mentions fear.

10.  Never knew I could feel like this: like I've never seen the sky before.  Want to vanish inside your kiss, every day I love you more and more.

11. I can hear the bells...well, dontchya hear them chime?  Can't you feel my heart beat, keeping perfect time...and all because he touched me.

12. Who is this man, what sort of devil is he to have me caught in a trap and choose to let me go free?  It was his hour at last to put a seal on my fate, wipe off the past and wash me clean off the slate!  All it would take is a flick of his knife, vengeance was his and he gave me back my life.

13. She climbs a tree and scrapes her knee, her dress has got a tare, she waltzes on her way to mass and whistles on the stair.

14.  Oh I come from a land, from a far away place where the caravan camels roll, where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face-it's barbaric but hey, it's home!

15.  In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came: that voice which calls to me and speaks my name. scottishelf

16. If there's a prize for rotten judgment...I guess I've already won that.  no man is worth the aggravation: that's ancient history, been there, done that.

17. Oh no, not he, how you can accuse him is a mystery: save him, take me!  Benjamin is straighter dan de tall palm tree!

18. A beautiful and blinding morning, the world outside begins to breathe.  See clouds arriving without warning: I need you here to shelter me.

19. You have come here, in pursuit of your deepest urge...in pursuit of that wish which till now has been silent...silent. scottishelf

20. There you see her, sitting there across the way...she don't got a lot to say but there's something about her... xoxrainsxox

21. Whatever you do, I'll do it too!  show me everything and tell me how...it all means something and yet nothing to me.

22. Do you remember, the good years in Canaan?  The summers were endlessly gold.  The fields were a patchwork of clovers.  The winters were never too cold!

23. This ain't a song for the broken hearted.  No silent prayer for the faith departed. xoxrainsxox

24. In your eyes are my secrets: that I've never shown you.  In my heart I feel I've always known you.  In your arms there's a comfort that I never knew, you're the one I've been waiting for, there's no one like you.

25. A heart full of love, a heart full of song!  I'm doing everything all wrong...oh God for shame I do not even know your name.  Dear mlle., won't you say?  will you tell?

26. Hey momma, hey momma look around...everyone's groovin' to a brand new sound.  Hey momma, hey momma follow me, I know something that you wanna set free.

27. When I wake up, well I know I'm gonna be...I'm gonna be the man who wakes up next to you.  When I go out, I know I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be the man who goes along with you.

28. I'm not a perfect person, there's many things I wish I didn't do.  But I continue learning, I never meant to do those things to you. xoxrainsxox

29. You were born in a palace by the see.  A palace by the see, could it be?  Yes that's right!  You rode horse back when you were only three.  Horse back riding, me?

30. I'm doing this tonight, you're probably gonna start a fight, I know this can't be right, hey baby come on.  I loved you endlessly and you weren't there for me so now it's time to make it alone.

31. Hey!  Clear your way in the old Bazaar!  Hey you!  Let us through!  It's a bright new star!  Oh come!  Be the first on your block to meet his eye!

32. I'm gonna be a mighty king, so enemies beware!  Well, I've never seen the king of beast with quite so little hair.  I'm gunna be the mane event, like no king was before...I'm brushin' up, I'm lookin' down, I'm working on my roar! scottishelf

33. Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember.  And a song, someone sings, once upon a December.

34. Next day, far from home, the brothers planned their repulsive crime.  Let us grab him now, do him in while we've got the time.

35. In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning, and the nightmare I had was as bad as can be.  It scared me out of my wits!  A corpse falling to bits!  Then I opened my eyes and the nightmare was ME!

36. This time, this place, misused, mistakes...too long, too late, who was I to make you wait?  Just one chance, just one breath, just in case there's just one left.

37. Welcome, my friends, to Paris!  Here, have a flower on me!  Forget where you're from!

38. I can show you a world, shining shimmering, splendid!  Tell me princess now when did you last let your heart decide? xoxrainsxox

39. Welcome monsiour, set your self down, and meet the best inn keeper in town.

40.  When you call on me, when I hear you breathe, I get wings to fly, I feel that I'm alive!

41. Like the sound of silence calling, I hear your voice inside of me: I'm falling, lost in a dream.  Like the echoes of our souls unwheeling, you say those words my heart stops beating, I wonder what it means.

42. Styles keep a changin' the world's rearrangin' but Edna, you're timeless to me!

43. Everybody yeah, rock your body yeah.  Everybody yeah rock your body right.

44. My name is Tarzan, I am jungle man.  The tree top swinger from jungle land.  Come baby come I will take you for a swing, let's go honey I'm tinkeling! xoxrainsxox

45. These are my confessions, just when I thought all I could say I came up with more secrets to tell you today.  slipped my mind, silly me, now I gotta give you part three of my confessions.
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