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2/28/08 02:46 pm - Summer

Erik l'ange,

I feel kinda bad...poor Summer.  You know I have mentioned her a few times in this LJ.  She looks up to me so much...she's convinced we're the best of friends.  Her "mom" (which is her grandma but her grandma has custody of her so she calls her "mom") shelters her and her twin sister, Star, SO much.  I'll admit, I'm a very sheltered person too.  I want to change that...I'm tired of living in this bubble.  But I won't continue on that subject...I'm talking about Summer now.  So, Summer adores me...she thinks I adore her as well.  I think she has so much potential and she's headed in the right direction but I'll be honest, she's annoying.  She likes thing done for her, when she wants, and how she wants.  Like she wants to walk home with me (or half way since she lives by our church) but I don't walk home much anymore...no duh, it's winter.  It's been snowing for the last 2 weeks and it's been a high of about 30.  Today after school she looked at me and told me I HAD to walk home from school tomorrow.  I'm not going to unless mom can't take me home...that's how it works.  She wanted me to run to the AD office with her yesterday to ask the vice principal a question but musical practice was going to start in about 2-5 minutes.  I refused to go with her so I wouldn't be late...someone else went with her but she wouldn't stop bothering me about it.  She didn't really even ask, she just said, "you're going!"  But this is freshman nature and it's healthy.  I'm sure when I was a freshman (I would appreciate little comment on this lol) I was just as selfish and annoying.  I talk to her and laugh at things that aren't funny but she finds funny so she knows she has someone to she can go to if she would need me.  That's what I'm here for.  I know that's what people typically say friends are...but I would do that for an "enemy".  Friends are so much more than that, I'm finding.  I'm not too worried about it though...I know she's going to grow and change far more than she can comprehend right now...and I'm going to be going away in a year and a half and despite her, "you have to give me your phone number when you graduate so we can keep in touch" I know I'm going to be far too busy to really talk much with her.  It's a part of life she'll realize soon enough.  Sad thing is, I keep trying to think of excuses into not spending time with her.  Like Saturday we have dance practice and she wants me to go eat with her at her house like the last time.  I found out I have voice lessons at 4:30 that day (okay...so we'll get out MUCH earlier than that no doubt) but I wanna tell her I can't cause I have voice lessons.  With my luck she'd know exactly when it was and talk me out of it. *sigh* I just feel so bad...I feel like a hypocrite.  I smile, laugh, and listen to her but my heart's screaming, "my God she's annoying!"  It's just...something new for me, is all.  I mean...being annoyed with someone isn't, but being annoyed with someone in person is.

Speaking of annoying...I'm just gunna vent here, is all.  Tina.  Seriously.  She's far more annoying than Summer...far, far more annoying.  (This is the one who is online)  She talks to me on myspace every so often...lately she wrote to me (I deleted all the messages so this is from memory) and the first thing she told me was she and Phil broke up.  Now...the last time I talked to her she was with a guy named Zack who she was "going to marry" so I didn't know who this Phil character was.  Turns out they broke up cause he didn't like her talking to other guys...then she told me she likes some other guy but he doesn't know it.  Then the next day she writes to me and tells me some dude stole her phone and wouldn't give it back to her until she made out with him.  THEN the next day I got another message saying she got back together with Phil and it was "cool".  She makes me want to bash my head into a wall.

But the world is full of different people...people who I agree with and get along with and people who annoy me and frusterate me.  That's how life is and I wouldn't want to change it for anything.  Trust me, the world would be one messed up place if everyone was like me.  I'd hate it too.

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,


PS.  I'm starting a count down until may 1st!
Today is day 62!
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