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Home Alone!

2/27/08 06:52 pm - Home Alone!

Erik l'ange,

I get the house to myself for awhile tonight *dances* Emily's with April and mom took Justin to the mall to get a bunch of stuff.  I had some lovely soup and the rest of some of THE best cheese spread in the universe.  Much better than fast food or mall food...yeah it tastes good sometimes but I prefer a nice home cooked, flavorful meal.  I'm finding I'm in love with food more and more.  Growing up is awesome...I get to eat grown up food now and I'm loving it!  (I know that sounds stupid but when you're younger you stick to mac & cheese, hot dogs, and fries...now I eat chicken with garlic, rosemary, and grilled with a side of amish potatoes sprinkled with pepper and then the side of broccoli.  yummm)

We didn't have a snow day today like I was expecting...and it's a good thing that Garry told me not to risk it and made me go to bed at 11 rather than stay up until 4 am talking to him like I wanted.  He's lovely like that...only interested in what's best for me even if I act like a kid and don't like it.  We did have a 2 hour delay though, so I got a nice hunk of sleep last night.  I didn't really have any particular dream...I drempt Missy had a VERY small baby...a premature one but it was alive and it was a girl.  But I don't remember specifics...I never do.

I'm so excited!  People are actually reading and commenting this AND I joined two wonderful communities and didn't get scared to post, reply, or ANYTHING.  The people are wonderful and I thank the two from two different communities who commented on my last entry.  I thank EVERYONE who commented on my last entry...it meant the world to me.  I'm drowned in "it'll never work!" "you don't know what you're doing!" "Don't expect life after high school to be as nice as you think it to be" *insert another negative comment here* I really needed to hear some optimism and care.  *big hug for all!* Thank you again SO much :)

I shall now conclude this entry.

The Phaaaaaaaantom of the opera is THERE...inside your MIND!

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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