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2/23/08 01:51 pm - Life?

Erik l'ange,

We had a snow day yesterday...a big storm came through and dumped snow and ice on us.  It was calm for most of the day but when mom and I headed out to go see the play it started to snow...a lot.  So, we turned back and went home at which point I spent about a half hour talking to Garry on the phone, playing the sims 2 for 4 hours trying to kill time until Garry got home from school, then I spent a little more time on the phone with him until he went to bed as did I..around 2:30 am.

Today I woke up...and decided to watch this 2 hour documentary on 9/11.  It's always so powerful to watch...I have no clue why I have this strange fascination with the sad, depressing, and twisted.  I don't enjoy watching it...I sit there and almost cry.  But I don't know...it's so strange.  I'm drawn to these horrible, insanely sick things...I really don't know why and I really hope this isn't making me sound like some sick, twisted, messed up person.  I don't know...maybe I enjoy being sad like people enjoy being scared?  Maybe I'm just wrong like that.  And it's so much easier for me to watch these things and tell myself that it's just on TV..it's not real and it didn't happen.  I know it did...it's just easy for me to tell myself it didn't...like it's just a very sad movie.  I don't know.

I'm going with Em today...a girl's night out and then we're going to eat at Steve's house.  I'm kinda not looking forward to the Steve's house part...Steve's a friend of mine, I don't doubt it.  He's my sunday school teacher and one of the very first people I met when we got here.  But other people are going to be there and I'm sure they'll make hamburgers or something I hate so I'll starve :-P

I'm just kinda...annoyed with people today.  I'm not restless or RAAAAAAA...but just kinda...annoyed.

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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