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Going Black

2/20/08 04:51 pm - Going Black

Erik l'ange,

I am bored so I redid my LJ layout and what not...I made it all white and nice...then I realized, I can save energy by making it black...that's why there's blackle after all.  So that's the only reason the thing's all black...I'm not goth or emo or whatever.  I'd rather it be colorful and bright.

I still haven't heard from Garry and I'm afraid to call him.  Maybe he's working on homework?  I don't know...I don't trust that he will turn his phone off when it needs to be off, so I'm afraid I'll call him in the middle of him working and cost him his job.  I know...we're both paranoid like that.

I'm just really in a strange mood right now.  I want to type but I feel like I have nothing to type about. *sighs*

I know, I know...this entry was fairly pointless.  I'm addicted to updating.

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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