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So yeah

2/17/08 11:26 am - So yeah

Erik l'ange,

A bunch of stuff has happened since I last wrote...I think.  I feel like a lot has happened anyways.  Justin wasn't leaving me alone yesterday so I got my camera and recorded a video of Justin and I giving Garry a tour of the house so he knows what to expect when he gets here.  So we made about 3 different versions of the movie...I loaded only one onto the computer (the others refused to load) and it's in a .MOV format...and won't play on anything but just ONE player.  It doesn't open on windows movie maker so I can't edit anything or anything.  So that sucks.  I suppose I'll just have to give him a tour when he gets here :)

Yesterday Garry and I decided to bring Helix and Gwen back to life.  I had wanted to bring Gwen back for awhile now...I stopped playing her because I broke it off with Gregg and he played Syte who was the father of the child Gwen was carrying and her to be husband.  For obvious reasons I decided not to play her anymore.  Yet she's the one I'm most comfortable playing...and most confident playing as well.  The poor soul has been dragged through mud, crap, and everything between in her life and she reflected my life in very disturbing ways.  I came to find now that I was just with the wrong people.  Syte and Nacka made Gwen's life miserable and they expected her to be little miss sunshine about it.  Gregg and Kyrihe treated me like crap and expected me to be little miss sunshine about it.  Then they'd complain about me being emo and complaining all the time.  Ironic, hu?  Complaining about complaining.  But yeah...apparently Nacka brought Helix back to kill Gwen, Gwen's baby, and Syte.  Apparently Nacka then started to hit on Helix and so he killed her in return before hunting down Gwen.  Yesterday he finally found Gwen and sliced her up real nice.  He wasn't very skilled with his giant sword (nobadthoughts) which was good news for Gwen.  He was fairly clumsy with it, to be honest...couldn't get a nice shot at her.  He did manage to cut her elbow, forearm, and side.  Eventually she gave up and told him that he could kill her, she didn't really have anything to live for anyways.  Helix was JUST about to kill her when he found out that Gwen had a miscarriage and Syte had left her...at which point his furious flame went out.  His whole character softened and he began to panic once realizing that Gwen was becoming horribly faint and glazed over due to the blood loss.  He bandaged her up and held her close, totally unfamiliar with those types of emotions.  That's where we left off...but it will be a very interesting and fun journey :D and I'm thrilled they're back.  They are the essence of Garry and I...the whole reason we ever met.

So then last night at about 1 or 2 in the morning Garry called me and we talked on the phone until about 4:30...and I had to get up today at 8:40. *sigh*  I had to go to church and then I walked home...I then I have to go to dad's house and help him put up dry wall (blah) and then I get to go to the A-team meeting.  I REALLY do not want to go, but I have to.  I really just want to get this day over with as soon as I can.

I'm going to go take a nap...we don't have school tomorrow so I can stay up tonight and sleep in tomorrow.  Yay!

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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