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2 more days

2/16/08 05:14 pm - 2 more days

Erik l'ange,

I was in a strangely horrible mood yesterday.  I don't even know why...I felt like I was PMSing but I know that's not possible.  Mom took me to the mall before I went to voice lessons and I hate clothes shopping with her.  Our styles are horrendously different and mom LOVES to pick up the worst looking shirt or shoe and ask me if it's something I like.  I'm not 13.  I'm 17.  I can pick out my OWN clothes.  She loves to do that...it's aggravating.  So that didn't help me at all...in fact everything mom did REALLY annoyed me yesterday.  Then trying on clothes made me realize that I HATE my legs...they're horrible.  And my knees...I think it's just the mirrors though.  So I got home and got online and talked to Garry...telling him how I feel and why I was upset.  It didn't make him too happy but he ended up calling me and making me feel better in the end.  I was up until about 1 AM last night.  I was watching the 1923 version of Hunchback of Notre Dame.  It was entertaining but the ending was so messed up.  I love 20's movies, however...so much overacting it's amusing!  But they had to do that...how else do you get a message across without using your voice?

A good night's rest helped a lot, though.  That and Garry called me this morning and talked to me for awhile before heading off to do "manual labor" to earn some money.  He applied to Lense Crafters and was supposed to hear back from them today.  I truly hope he gets in...he's having such a hard time getting money and he needs it to pay his mom back.  I will try to refrain from buying anything more so we can go on dates and what not.  Either way, him being here will be amazing.  He told me on the phone today that he's pretty sure he's gunna swoop me up in his arms at the airport and give me a kiss no matter who is watching.  *Smile*

I have the A-team meeting tomorrow *sighs heavily* I really don't wanna go.

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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