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February 20th, 2008

03:48 pm - Job?

Erik l'ange,

I think Garry got a job?  I'm horribly confused!  I went to his myspace and waaay down at the bottom it says the company he supposedly works for and "cashier".  ??  But I don't have any voice mails, no messages on yahoo or myspace...no "omg yay I have a job!"...I know my Garry.  He would tell me as soon as he possibly could...and I don't know where he is or if he's working at this job that I don't even know if he has.  I hope he contacts me tonight sometime...I know he has school later.  It would be nice if he got the job...he really, really needs it, but it will also cut back the time we have together which doesn't make me happy.  I just have mixed feelings about it, is all.

Today was our first full day of school in 2 weeks...as you can imagine it dragged on for EVERYONE.

I'm really not in a typing mood now...I'm horribly bored though.

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,


04:51 pm - Going Black

Erik l'ange,

I am bored so I redid my LJ layout and what not...I made it all white and nice...then I realized, I can save energy by making it black...that's why there's blackle after all.  So that's the only reason the thing's all black...I'm not goth or emo or whatever.  I'd rather it be colorful and bright.

I still haven't heard from Garry and I'm afraid to call him.  Maybe he's working on homework?  I don't know...I don't trust that he will turn his phone off when it needs to be off, so I'm afraid I'll call him in the middle of him working and cost him his job.  I know...we're both paranoid like that.

I'm just really in a strange mood right now.  I want to type but I feel like I have nothing to type about. *sighs*

I know, I know...this entry was fairly pointless.  I'm addicted to updating.

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,


08:06 pm - Handwritten Post!

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