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February 11th, 2008

03:32 pm - Bored

Erik l'ange,

We had a snow day today...I knew about it last night, so I was up fairly late talking with Garry.  There isn't a drop of snow on the ground (or so I can tell...I haven't looked outside today), but we got the day off because it's too cold to go to school.  It's about 18 degrees currently and that is our high today...without wind chill.  Grandma said the weather man on TV said we're supposed to get 6 inches of snow tonight but weather.com says we're supposed to get 3 inches.  Strange...a year from this week ago we had that huge ice storm and didn't have school all week.

I had another snow day today and there's most likely going to be one tomorrow too...we have tons of snow and now we're getting a sheet of ice over it all. Fun, fun. I hope they call off school tonight instead of tomorrow so i can stay up later tonight :-P.  There really is no fun in a snow day when you can't stay up late the night before.

Remember?  Tis a lovely Valentines day present from mother nature...who happens to be me. *giggles*

I'm bored.  Garry was on but he had to go pick up Gregg because his car broke down.  Hopefully Garry and him will slowly grow apart.  I don't wish this because I don't like Gregg that much but because he keeps hurting Garry and making him feel like crap.  Garry doesn't deserve a "friend" like that.  One day Gregg will realize he's bringing this all upon himself.

Grandma's still staying here...she's been here for a few weeks.  She's here because Emily and mom go up to 8400 every day...I like having grandma here for a visit but she, along with the rest of my family, makes me feel like everything I do or say is just wrong and I need to stop talking.  It's so hard for me to accept the fact that I am not them and what they think I should be like doesn't mean I have to be that way.  I'm so sick of hearing about Goshen, EMU, and Bluffton.  I am NOT going to those colleges.  I'm not going to a Mennonite college.  Dad won't let me...he knows I don't want to.  Mom, on the other hand, talks about nothing but them.  I only get mail from those schools...everyone at church pesters me about going there.  I'm not going there.  I want to go to a school in California or out West somewhere.  I want to go to a nice, medium sized school, where I feel like I'm getting a good education and alive.  I just want that...

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,


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