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February 10th, 2008

01:09 pm - It's Sunday

Erik l'ange,

Well it's Sunday...and a horribly windy Sunday too!  It keeps snowing periodically but it doesn't stick to the ground because the wind is too fierce.  Over night (and today) it's supposed to get unbearably cold.  I only heard the wind chill temperatures and I can almost guarantee we'll have a 2 hour delay tomorrow at the very least.  Tomorrow morning the wind chills are supposed to be -21.  Yes.  You read that right.  -21.  So the actual temperature is who knows what.  California sounds amazing now.

Last night Garry created a new dnd for Mandy and me :).  Mandy's his ex...just goes to show how much I love and care for him.  They talk to each other and she talks to me...we're a little group of good friends and so we decided to start an elven dnd.  We didn't get much done last night though.  Garry's the DM (Dungeon Master) since we don't wanna play with Gregg and his little group of jerk friends.  But we basically got out character's made...mines name is Scarlett (I like that name for some reason) and started to play.  Many's character and mine are friends and we spotted these elves looking all suspicious so we followed them just for the fun of it and then they got dragged away.  I always leave at the BEST parts :)

Then Garry and I have our own little elven rp which has an amazing plot.  Basically he's the guard of the royal palace and my character's the best friend of the Princess (and the second highest person in the kingdom...I forget how though).   Then the royal family goes missing and it's suspected some Drow or Orcs took them.  Garry's character gets all ticked off at mine and drags her home (after telling her that he's engaged to the princess) where they tell her father what happened...he doesn't want his daughter to go...so she runs away and tells Garry's character that her father said she could go along to be a medic.  So they head off and have already been through one battle and our characters aren't so annoyed with the other lol (we always have our characters start off like that)

On top of all this today during church I decided to hop onto my computer that I do the bulletins on and type up the beginning of a story I wanna write.  It's a typical me story...a young elf prince and a rich elven young woman are to get married and on their walk back from their spot in the meadow in the middle of the forest some Drow attacked them and take Scarlett (told you I like the name).  That's all I have but you can bet there's going to be the Drow prince who falls in love with her.  I haven't entirely decided how it's going to end yet...but right now I'm just jotting down some ideas.

I'm watching Joseph now...the movie.  I wanted to see how they did it now that I know what's going on and my character, Isacaar is insane in the movie...and strangely looks like my uncle.

I just got a phone call from Betty and our A-team meeting is canceled tonight :D woo!

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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