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February 9th, 2008

03:21 pm - More Pics 'n Things

Erik l'ange,

Well I had dance practice at school this morning. I hardly danced though...us brothers dance such a little amount it's crazy. But in "One More Angel in Heaven" I get to sing a high part :D a really high part. I'm talking about high C. (I'll post the song on here so you all can hear what I mean). I actually was able to hit it and I'm dancing while I sing it...I impressed myself. But then after "dance" practice Summer took me to her house (which is right beside the church) and her mom made us some French toast and these awesome fried potatoes. We ate some of that, started to play scrabble, went up to her room and she showed me some of her clogging dance moves (she's really good too) and then we watched some chick flick that was reeeeeally predicable. But it was alright...not my idea of an amazing time but it feels nice that I could give her some happiness. I don't know about her life or past but I know she's adopted and things have been tough for her. People at musical practice don't like her much...they say she annoys them and she's a bad dancer (though they can't really be talking). She's a freshman for crying out loud! In my eyes she's like a tender little bud getting ready to bloom and I'm happy to be a part of that process for her. It just feels nice to know someone looks up to me and admires me.

I have church, dad's house, and an A-team meeting tomorrow *sigh* I hate Sundays.

I looked up prices for flights on priceline.com and I'm amazed at how inexpensive tickets are! If he came here on May 2 and left on May 9th and flew from Santa Ana to Columbus he/I would only have to pay $230! I can get enough to pay for that by the end of February with money left over to spend on clothes, dates, maybe a prom dress of some sort...but mostly dates :) It's only 3 months away...this is too amazing!

The rest of the pictures.Collapse )

Click here to listen to the song: http://download.yousendit.com/4A07DF2609A6A888
(Warning: It's supposed to be overly country western, but my part isn't western...it's a fun song and I hate country!)

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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