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February 6th, 2008

05:44 pm - Amusing Guidelines

Erik l'ange,

In English II CP we're going to write a 10 page paper and this is a paper she gave us.  I found it amusing and decided to post it here:

At first the assignment is overwhelming, but it is not as bad as it seems
You really, really, really need to work in an organized manner, it will help in the long run
Be prepared to write a lot
Don't panic, it falls together in the end
Meet the deadlines, she will not hesitate to give detentions
Sleep is overrated and for the weak
Try to use ebscohost for articles because it does the MLA
Pray for snow days!
Work on snow days.  Write to get ahead.
This assignment will own you
Save your file at school, at home, at your grandparents
Make sure you have enough information before you start writing.  Stay organized because it's hard to get caught up in the end
Find all your information as soon as possible
Read it and highlight right away
Change your name and leave the country!!
Type as you write because if you don't it takes FOREVER to type.
Make sure you have enough information
Do not write stuff on your handwritten draft just to take up space
Cite everything
Do not copy from your sources, paraphrase and cite, paraphrase and cite
If you work every day it's not that bad
Type as you write
Computers really do have a cruel sense of humor, never expect them to work
Do not fall behind!
"I'll do it tomorrow" is not good enough
Anger medication-get your doctor to prescribe it!
Find a quiet time to write, you can get more done
Don't keep sharp objects near you while you're working on this paper
Pick a good topic, research a bit before turning in your proposal
Pick something exciting, you won't even want to hear that name when you are done
Work at home, not just at school
Don't procrastinate
Yelling into a pillow helps
Move to Canada
Learn to be a buffalo
Make sure you don't owe the Tusc. County Library money!
The $1.75 folder from walmart is a pain to put papers in
Our school does not have Microsoft works
If you have word perfect at home, make sure you get open office on your computer
Do not trust a lap top
Meet all dead lines
Hope for snowdays
Save everything

Think it gets the point across?

But really it's not as hard as she makes it sound lol

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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