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January 29th, 2008

06:21 pm - Still Sick

Erik l'ange,

I'm still at home sick today...worse than I was yesterday.  Up side is I'm not throwing up anymore, down side is I have a 100 degree fever, my head and ears are all stuffed up and my throat is full of gunk so I can't talk very well.  It's kinda hard to tell what I have...it keeps switching around on me.  My throat doesn't hurt as much anymore and I know that's because my body sent the mucus in to make it feel all better.  Grandma's here now...she's here to help mom out while Emily starts 8200 (a councoling thing) and to take care of me until I get better.  This 9 weeks is about the hardest I have ever had in my life.  Sick with two different things within 3 weeks with tons of work to make up *sigh* I'll get to the doctor tomorrow but I'm worried I'll get the medicine and throw it up again :(.

Who knew a person could get so sick of laying around the house watching TV all day?  Sure it's nice every once and while...but it's annoying especially when you're feeling as crummy as I am.

So now I'm waiting for Garry to come home and talk to me *misses him*

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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