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January 26th, 2008

03:51 pm - Happy Birthday to me!

Erik l'ange,

So yesterday evening went better for me.  We got to the restaurant and things got better drastically.  Dad was there and we ate a ton of bread (some of the best bread in the world too!  I can say that...sort of.  It's just as amazing as bread in Europe...just much softer) as we were waiting for Sher and Lorin.  I ordered one of my FAVORITE dishes (the whole reason I went there).  I forget what it's called but it's basically penne with Alfredo and garlic sauce with shrimp and chicken in it...and then a layer of cooked cheese on top...it's amazing.  I opened my gifts after we ordered and, as I suspected, I got a camera (and it's amazing too...black with a nice big screen) and then from Sher and Lorin I got ipod speakers :D.  Then they brought me cake (we all ate at it...I was way too full and the piece was HUGE) and this young guy came over and sang Happy Birthday to me in Italian which made me blush a lot...as it usually does :-P.  But it was nice lol if I wasn't taken I would have been even more flabergasted.  But he's like 23 or something lol mom asked the waiter.  It was 18 degrees out last night though lol so it was freezing going back to the car which was about the only "bad" part about the night.

Once I got home I took a few pictures with my new and amazing camera to post here...but before I do I gotta tell you about my day today so far.  I got up at 7, took a shower, got to dance practice and Summer was the only one to remember my birthday...then Nichole did so she told Martha (the assistant director).  Martha had everyone sing to me and we did a bunch of dancing...the brothers were done at 11 or so but Summer wanted me to go and eat with her so I stayed and learned a dance I'm not in to fill in...and to know so I can help others and what not.  Mom came by then and brought cup cakes for everyone and they all sang to me...again lol.  Summer's so sweet though, the girl is so timid, quiet, lost, and innocent...like a little lamb trying to learn to walk yet scared of where the world will take her.  I know she'll be amazing though.  She got me a charm bracelet and I got 2 cards...one was made really quick by my "brother" Simeon (or Amanda) and the other was from Summer.  Came home and I got a gift in the mail box from Garry :).  I got a phone from him on his plan so we can call each other whenever and walla...no extra billing for our massive amount of talking...mwaha!  But that phone is only reserved for Garry and me so I can't give the number out...tis our secret :D

Okay now onto pictures!

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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