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January 23rd, 2008

09:22 pm - Funny Ad!

Erik l'ange,

I'm way too tired to write anything significant.  I was on myspace just looking at stuff and writing to Tasha when I saw it...a very amusing ad for some skin junk.  This is what you are started off with (tell me, do you think it was messed with at ALL on the computer...or are her eyes just positioned that badly on her face?)

But wait!  It gets better!  Because if you scroll your mouse over it this thing goes up over her face and she turns into this:

Raaa!  As if people really look like that...and her eyes are still at the wrong place!  Along with her very ferocious mouth...

What is this world coming to?

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,


PS.  I will reply to all the recent comments I have gotten...I just need to rest some
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