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January 19th, 2008

12:10 pm - The Mall

Erik l'ange,

I got to go to the mall yesterday to meet Tasha.  She looks so different than what any of us remembered her to look like.  She's all grown up!  But she's lovely.  We got something to eat to make my stomach stop hurting from the medicine I had which only made it worse before it got better.  Anyways, then we went on a hunt for some clothes...found out we both have the same style.  That or she was just shy and didn't wanna say what she really liked.  I'd kick myself if that were true.  We found, however, that stores only sell short sleeved stuff anymore and it's all 70's looking.  I'm dead serious.  Flower prints in brown and orange with yellow or aqua accents.  It's crazy....and ugly.  So we hit every clothes store we could find but found nothing lol and we looked at shoes some but couldn't find much.  Then we decided to look at jewlery but didn't find anything.  THEN we passed bath and body and decided to go in there and found one of them mask things that they use to clear your skin and what not which made us decide we wanted something for our skin.  Warning:  here's the part where everyone will start to get mad at me, but this is me.  So we went to Macy's to look for some better foundation and there were these ladies there who were really nice and helped us out.  We thought they were going to help us find the perfect foundation but they ended up doing a whole make over lol.  I wasn't too happy but I let them have fun with it.  Problem is my lady did eye liner (black) and a TON of mascara lol so I didn't have much fun getting it off and some of it's still on.  However, I got a cool skin care treatment thing and some nice foundation and a very very sheer lip gloss.  That's about as deep into make up as I'm going to dive lol I know, kill me now.  Either way we both had fun...or I did.  I got home and just about crashed lol Garry called me after I was asleep for about 40 minutes and he felt bad for waking me up lol but I didn't mind at all :) I love being woken up to his voice ;) lol

I'm still tired today...my eyes hurt from trying to get all that make up off my eyes :(   I'm talking to dad online now which is kinda weird but nice :)  I wish Garry was on though...he's had so much school lately and we haven't got to spend much time together...and I really miss him.

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,


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