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January 16th, 2008

04:22 pm - Sick & Birthdays

Erik l'ange,

I'm sorry I haven't updated in awhile...I'm still not in an updating mood.  I'm sitting here with a fever that I've had on and off for the last 2 days.  I woke up yesterday with a horrible headache.  I went to school but only lasted one period before I went home.  I thought I was just tired but I got home and sure enough I had a fever.  Slept in until 11 am, got up to the sound of Emily having a fit, went downstairs, laid down on the couch and watched a bunch of TV.  Today I got up and got ready for school but my head still hurt accompanied by stomach pains.  I watched most of the Today show before I fell asleep...woke back up to them showing us puppies.  I fell in love with the terrier they were showing...I love those dogs :)...and it was a puppy even!  But then after they were done I shut off the TV and went to sleep.  Emily made a deal with mom that if she slept over at a friend's house last night she'd go to the church and work on her work.  Well, what do you know?  This morning once Emily got back and mom was ready to go to the church Emily had a fit.  She honestly sounded like a 3 year old.  "This is so stupid!  This is retarted!  This is rediculous!"  Crap like that.  She's so spoiled...she doesn't even realize it.  The other day Emily didn't want to go to dad's house so she was telling us all about how stupid it was that she had to go.  She asked mom how many times she gets her way and mom ACTUALLY replied with, "quite a lot actually."  Finally.  But Emily insisted that she never gets her way.  Guess what?  Turned out she didn't go to dad's house.  Yeah, she NEVER gets her way.  Anyways, so I slept for a bit, played the sims 2, watched TV...basically everything I did yesterday.

Yesterday was Amanda's 21st :) All I have to say is I respect her and look up to her.  She's such a wonderful friend.  (And I still haven't mailed your gift yet, but I will soon!)  I posted a bulletin on myspace giving a shout out to Tasha, Amanda, and Garry :)  Here's what I said to Amanda:
You're finally 21 :) yay for being smart and responsible and not spending your 21st birthday out getting drunk! You're my role model, and I really mean it. I know we're not the same person, we're different...but you've been through a lot that I'm going through so when I'm having a hard time I always know I can go to you for advice. The wonderful part is you give me the advice from the bottom of your heart...you're like the older sister I never had and have always needed. I hope I can be even half as happy and confident as you are when I get to my 21st birthday.

Today is Garry's birthday and the sad part is I'll be lucky if I get to talk to him at all today.  He has school for 3 hours and when he's not there he's busy doing his homework and studying.  I hope he calls me or something...I wanna talk to him on his birthday.  I didn't get him anything so on the 21st when he's not doing homework I'm gunna call him and talk to him with my webcam on...that's gunna be my birthday gift for him *sighs* he tells me he doesn't want anything so I didn't know what to get him.

On Friday (if I'm better...which I better be) I'll get to go spend some time with Tasha.  I have school that day and then I have to go make the bulletins but then at 5 PM I get to go up to Canton and meet her at the mall there.  She said she'll get to this weekend since her mom said no to last weekend...I haven't got a direct "yes it will work" yet.  If it works out and everything I should get pictures. :)

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,


PS.  This was the terrier they showed us on the Today show

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