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January 14th, 2008

06:38 am - New

Erik l'ange,

And so begins a new semester in my Junior year...only have half a year to go.  Woo!  I start my advanced composition class today which I'm thrilled about.  But other than that and the addition of one more day of study halls instead of a chemistry lab my schedule stays the same.  Musical practice is today too...very first one :)  The first one's always the most exciting...then it all kinda goes downhill from there...but once you hit opening night oh does the fun ever sky rocket.  And this year will be just as amazing, if not more, simply because I know on opening night Garry will have plane tickets, a date to fly over here, and prom would be half a month away.  I was talking to him on the phone last night and told him about walk in (we have to walk about a mile or so to the school while people watch us...it's kinda weird.  Like a prom parade) and he said something like, "I don't care, I have the most beautiful girl there with me." he's always so wonderful to me :)

Anyways, I have to go get ready for school

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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