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January 12th, 2008

11:50 am - So

Erik l'ange,

On Thursday after the financial meeting I went to mom took me to Denny's and we got some dessert.  But she told me exactly what's going on with Emily and what happened on Monday.  Then we got into a big discussion about a ton of things...I was doing most of the talking though.  It put my spirits up.  Then later that night mom started to show some authority towards Emily, finally.  I don't know if her threats were carried out or not, but it felt good that night to hear.

I may be going with Tasha to the mall today.  We were writing to each other on myspace last night and she said her mom said "we'll see".  She's supposed to call me today and we're supposed to sort things out then.  If it does work out we'll meet in Canton and shop around, talk, eat...those kinds of things.  I really hope it works out, despite the fact I'm a bit nervous at the thought.  It's not easy to meet your friend whom you haven't seen in years.

I'm finally done with that accelerated reading class! *dances*  Now I get to have advanced composition.  She said we're going to start off with poetry and journaling...and we're going to do a bunch of other awesome stuff like writing a comedy and performing it, writing a political analysis, and a short story.  All sorts of awesome writing!  I was so excited on Friday after learning about it.  What got me more excited is how we've been told to buy a notebook.  Anyone who tells me to buy a notebook has made my day!

I am slightly sad today too.  I won't get to talk to Garry much at all tomorrow...I have to get up and go to church, then to dad's house, then to an A-team meeting which ends at 9.  Today we were gunna talk to each other this morning before I go to be with Tasha and at 6 his time he's going to a friend's birthday party.  We spoke on the phone yesterday for a few minutes but that was it.  I really miss him...yet I'm proud of him.  We didn't talk yesterday because he was too busy studying for class he had that evening.  He's really working hard and I admire it.

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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