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January 7th, 2008

09:49 pm - Once again

Erik l'ange,

I don't know much about what happened today.  When I was getting ready for school Emily was insisting that she was too ill to go to school and she has already missed 13 days so far and the end of this week marks half way through the school year.  So mom wasn't going to let her stay home.  Mom took me to school while Emily stayed home and during 8th period chemistry I got a note from the office telling me I had to walk home.  Now, after a VERY stressful day of school getting that note let me know something happened.  I had to carry home a few binders and my history book (as anyone well knows a history book is not a light thing) and decided to call up Garry and was basically passing out lol but I made it home alive.  At about 4 mom called and said she was at the hospital and Emily was being readmitted again.  So, that's all I know.  Mom's talked to people on the phone and emailed her teachers and what not, but I'm still left in the dark.  I don't know if she did anything or what she did...I have no clue.  I wrote a message to dad on myspace asking him to tell me anything he knows but he wasn't on and I don't know when he will be.

Saw this coming, I really did.

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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