December 13th, 2006

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Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya,'re only a daaaaaay...aaaaaaawaaaaaay!

Erik l'ange,

I'm STILL coughing today but at least I'm in the final stages of this horrible cold. I think it's lasted all this time cause I've been pushing myself too hard...but I have to. That's one thing I about society....we have to be busy people with no lives OR we have no lives. It's stupid to me, but whatever. Anyways! I should be all better soon :)

Tomorrow's my last day of driver's ed! whoo! I confess I did learn some stuff from the class about driving...but I can also tell you I am now more horrified of life in general than I was before because of this class. Sitting there and having the teacher and the movies tell you that you can die any second you're sitting in a car and no matter how good of a driver you are you're gunna get in a car wreck while they show someone laying on the ground and bleeding all over the place is gunna make me paranoid!! I seriously think I suffer from seperation anxiety...every second I am not talking to someone I'm so horrified they're gunna die and I'll never talk to them again. I've been more paranoid about those things lately than I ever have been...

Heather had a stalking thingy on her lj therefore I took one for myself...fill her up! mwaha

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