November 27th, 2006

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Erik l'ange,

It's such a boring day today...I my school lol we have messed up vacation times :-P

I'm working on a Victorian Paris dream for Furcadia since the other one is never up and it's actually a horrible place to rp have to be in the "in" group or they shun you...ah well.  I'm making a place where that's not allowed :-P

Last night in dnd it got kinda dramatic lol so basically our little group of people were sent off to some lost city by the noblewoman and it turned out to be an undead place and the king dude's all, "waa I'm going to kill everyone from that town AND kill you all!  mwaha" and they were thrown into prison where they escaped and made their way back to the city and during this time Graven and Aurora end up falling in love.  So yeah they get to the city and the undead are destroying it and the few of them were happily fighting them off when along comes the king dude dun dun dunnnnn...Gregg's like the mastermind behind it all and he had to go to bed so it was left off there lol they were about to be killed by the king dude..isn't that lovely lol.  Curse you cliff hangerssss!

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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