November 19th, 2006

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Princess and the Pea

Erik l'ange,

Today dad took us to go see a play and it was a remake of the Princess and the Pea...twas quite amusing :)

Yesterday Gregg helped me to make a dnd character...I have a half-elf bard who sort of acts as a siren..she lures men to rob them...she did it yesterday in our practice game lol it was just him and I and some guy couldn't keep his eyes off of her so she took him down to the bar and kissed him then took his money without him knowing! mwahaha...then again he died like 5 minutes after she did that because some guy came in looking for his sword and killed the guy for it.  Tis interesting :)  lol once I play with Garry, Nick, Cody, and everyone Aurora (my character)'s gunna have men all over her lol they're ALL obsessed with "beautiful women" dun dun dunnnn...that should get really interesting :-P

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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