November 3rd, 2006

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Being a Woman

Erik l'ange,

Today was an overall okay day...I got my report card back and I have all A's...the only A- I have is in biology and I'm soooo happy because I thought it was going to be a B. *dances*  But at around 3rd period my "week" started and cramps and I was toughing it out but once 6A came around I sat in study hall feeling miserable...I was shaking and naucious and my lower stomach hurt tons so I went and tried eating some lunch but they were so horrible that I went to the office and came home.  Mom got some medicine for me and a heating pad and now I feel so much better.  I went and finished the bulletins without much of a problem, nothing that upset me to the point of the copy machine :-P.  And at 5:15 I have to go to the church and we're gunna go to the Homeless shelter to give them some food and eat there before leaving.

That's my day, and I'm tired already...I being a woman :-P

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,


PS. I am, technically, a woman :-P