September 6th, 2006

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Stupid World of Ours

Erik l'ange,

I'm sorta...well...quite mad at the world right now.  Just read an article on women and obesity ( )
and there are some things in there that were just....stunning.  I how the world bases so much on looks...and I it how the media tells us what we should be wearing and doing and thinking to be "cool".  Think about many movies do you see where there's a s.ex scene and the man and woman are married?  Or how many TV shows are there out there where someone isn't drunk at least once in their life?  How many movies can you think of where s find a partner and have s.ex with them THAT night?  Now think about how many shows, commercials, magazines, movies, and websites that have women who aren't just skin and bones...really there are hardly any and if there are the person is y, annoying, and looked very low upon.  I it...I truly it!  This is life...and what the media is doing is hurting people both physically and mentally!  I would understand it if they were telling people to lose weight cause of health problems but they don't...they use that as an excuse to get the world all to look like how THEY want them to.

Anyways...I wrote chapter two of my story and I'll post it  in's not really awesome or anything and I still have editing to do, but enjoy it anyways.

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Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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