August 30th, 2006

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Poetry from Being Bored

Erik l'ange,

I've been soooo bored in my 3 study halls a day that I write poems.  I plan on posting them here...there are 15 poems (and those are the only ones I half liked..some I like more than others but I did write more than that).

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Also, in study hall I've been reading this book we're supposed to read for english.  So far I like it...I like how they talk in it lol "I reckon y'alls mama gunna beat you!" lol or something like takes place in the 50's or 60's when people were still segregated and stuff.  If you like to read I highly recomend it but I've only read 5 chapters so far.  It's called Spite Fences if you're interested.  Anyways, I really don't like reading still lol I'm only doing it now out of assignment and severe boredum!  but I had to write a "journal" entry on the first chapter and today I had to read it infront of the class and they had to tell me how my volume, emphasis, nervous habits, ect. were and apparently I did nothing wrong to them...I also, apparently, made eye contact with them but I didn't realize it lol and I thought they'd think I had lots of nervous habits and stuff but apparently I didn't...weird.  He said the next time we read we have to read two pages from the book infront of the class WITH a video camera sitting there filming us that we have to watch after *sigh* not.  fun.

I'm not AS stressed as I was that one was just a really bad day I think, but I am looking foreward to catching up on my sleep this weekend :D

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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