August 20th, 2006

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Father Daughter Time

Erik l'ange,

I got to spend time with dad today and I really had fun....we laughed alot.  We first went to some buffet place and ate stuff lol which was nice cause it was about 1 and we didn't eat anything yet and I was starving!  Then after we didn't know what to do (oh and he let me play Hunchback in his car....loudly!  whoo!) so we drove around and he got the idea to go to a park and take pictures of me lol so we did that (I'll post them here).  That was fun too lol and then we drove to his house and looked at the pictures and laughed at them (Yes, I'll even post the funny ones...and the ones I ) and he put them onto a cd and then mom came and we stoped at wendy's for supper but I wasn't hungry so I had water lol and now I'm here...

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Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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