August 18th, 2006

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Phantom Powers moo ha ha!

Erik l'ange,

I know it's amazing I'm actually updating today lol, anyways...I'm turning Gregg into a Phantom Phan...mwahaha!  lol actually he just watched this poto/star wars movie thing on youtube (which is BRILLIANT) and said he loved the song and wanted me to send the real one so I sent him both the movie and the musical version and then he said he was hooked so now I'm going to send him every song I have lol (and don't worry heather I'm just sending them, we're not listening at the same time)

Oh!  On my friend's page my computer didn't block Dana's entry (*dances*) so I got to read it but it wouldn't let me comment :(  I don't know why...BUT I READ IT!  (She's got lots of friends lol)

My manicotti yesterday was really good, I do say so myself lol *bows* only took me 2 days to prepare and cook!  lol

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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