May 29th, 2006

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Erik l'ange,

I was bored last night so I'm talking pics of myself and putting them to POTO in 15 minutes lol I didn't get far though.  I'll work on it later too lol I think it's amusing but amusement is weird lol

Well nobody's on now...abselutely nobody...*sigh* fun lol 

dad's suppsed to come over today and we're going to have hamurgers, grilled chicken, hotdogs and stuff...and it's in the 90's today...I KNOW THE WORLD IS ENDING!!  lol then we have school tomorrow *sigh* oh well.  I have testing on wednesday and Thursday so i get to come home early lol but I haven't studied yet...oops lol I still need to see what rooms I need to go to lol!

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,


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