May 27th, 2006

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Shopping Day

Erik l'ange,

I'm kinda tired today lol.  Mom let me sleep until 1 and I got a bath quick before we left to go get stuff for the people to people trip.  lol we were in the store for a long time too :-P  lol i shopping but I thank mom for getting all that stuff for me.

Next week's my last week...and then I have to go to the beach *sigh* I'm not really looking foreward to it either but oh well.  I can't say, "yeah I'm not going" so I just gotta go with doesn't really seem to understand that i really wanted a week to just relax and prepare for the trip to europe...and talk to my friends.  You know out of the WHOLE summer I'll only get to talk to Gregg about 25 days...I don't know what Heather or Rainy have planned either so it could be a small amount as well (I know Heather's going to Europe too but I don't know for how long) so yeah lol I'm nervous and just wanna relax but I know I can't...oh well lol

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,