May 17th, 2006

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Story...again lol

Erik l'ange, 

I want to write a story..again.  I want it to be about a princess who's father is...not really nice...he doesn't care about her feelings...he just wants to find her a husband so he throws balls, has challanges, ect. all the while she's in love with a poor boy who isn't royalty.  She gives him clothes, weapons, and such to pretend to be a prince from a far off land who wins her...but when the king finds out he's a fake from some spy he's killed.  I wrote a poem about the's pretty sad lol I'll post it's not really good but oh well.  it gives me some sort of phrame's kinda weird though...I'm starting at the end and going to the beginning!!  lol oh well Until next time, I bid you goodbye, 

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