May 15th, 2006

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Erik l'ange,

Tonight has been a sad one.  Justin's baseball practice was canceled so he whines, screamed, hit, cried and complained about it to mom like she could magically change what the coach decided.  We sat down to eat and Justin was still having a fit, throwing things and smacking the table and then mom started to cry.  Emily came up after mom asked her to come up several times and she sat down, saw mom was crying, and said angry, "I'm here".  That's when I myself lost it and I looked at the two and I said, with growing intensity, "Oh my goodness, I cannot believe how selfish you two are being!  Mom's sitting here crying after cooking a nice meal for us and all you can do is complain!" and emily said, "I'm not doing anything!" and I looked at her and I yelled (not screamed, just yelled), "You're sitting there with an attitude while mom's here crying!" and she got all mad and left while mom cried and she managed to say, "Let's just eat" through her crying and things setteled down after that but my hand was shaking so bad while I tried to eat at first and I held my tears back that seemed to come out of nowhere.  Now my throat hurts and nobody's I'm bored too.

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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