May 14th, 2006

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Dog fight

Erik l'ange,

On Friday I went to Clarissa's birthday party and it was fun but...thrilling at one point lol.  Basically she has like 4 dogs and they got a new one that day and one dog decided to attack the poor thing.  It happened RIGHT infront of me too lol I just sat on the couch watching this dog attack the other, having no idea what to do.  Tracey and Trisha made a run for it.  Steph tried to get this 3rd dog away from the two so she wouldn't get hurt and Clarissa, poor , was hitting at the dog and yelling at him to let the other dog go.  The dog that was attacked was so scared she pooped everywhere!  So it stunk and in order to clean up the smell Tracey sprayed air freshener EVERYWHERE followed by lysol lol!  We all had to stand outside in the rain to breathe.  But poor was fun though.

I'd type more but we're going to Olive garden soon to eat, yay!!

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,


PS. Gregg's sick which stinks since his birthday was the 12th and today is mother's day :-P  Get well soon!!


PSSS. That's all for now :D
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