May 10th, 2006

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Evil computer!

Erik l'ange,

lol sorry about the emotion thing yesterday lol I didn't mean for that!  lol I this computer...when i was going through the emotions I saw "off" and it blanked out the first word and I did feel "off" haha so I chose it...whoops.  Heather then asked me about it and it won't let me change it!!!  I sign in and all I make it remember me but then I go to fix it and it says I need to be logged logs me in and then it forgets me.  why meee??!!?  I just wanna fix the thing :-P  Oh well...

I got my Greek report done and had a good day.  It didn't start off good though because...well I was just mad at emily.  I didn't really show it but yeah.  I have NO clothes at all...seriously...I have probably 3 shirts and 4 pairs of pants to wear while emily has 2 baskets full of clothes sitting in her room (I'm not exaggerating).  But the part that annoyed me the most was getting in the car to go to school...the radio was on to some country song and I country!  I asked mom to turn it off and emily yelled and didn't let her turn the thing off...not something you wanna do to be at 7:15 am...espically since it's almost "my week" I being a sometimes.  anyways, that's the only bad part really...the rest was alright.  I only had 4 math problems tonight and I finished those in about 8 minues lol and to finish up my report which I did.  Now I don't really have much to do.  I'll find something!  *flies away*

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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