May 1st, 2006

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yay video and sound!

Erik l'ange,

I found out yesterday that Justin has ADHD and OCD...MORE REASON TO BE A's calling meeee....caaaaalling meeeee *falls over*  But  yeah, it's kinda weird but not unexpected.  I kinda wanna go to some psychiatrist or something...I think everyone should have some kind of mental check up in their lives because someone could have something and not know it and be totally frusterated with's happened before.  I just wanna know if I have anything...I probably don't but who knows...

Today was a good day and tonight should be fun too!  Last night I got to hear Garry for the first time and he has an awesome voice lol it can go so deep!  And he was watching some Star Wars's like poto in 15 minutes but it's star wars lol and he kept saying stuff from it.  He calls me little sister and he's like my older brother :).  He also told me that he and Gregg want to drive out here the summer after this one but who knows?  That'd be awesome!  And tonight Gregg promised me I could see him and hear him with his new webcam and mic..yay!  That'd rock!!  (which reminds me...I saw a shirt in NYC and it said, "I *picture of a rock* NYC" haha it took me a second to get it but I got it!) So hopefully my night will go well.  I missed everyone and it's nice to be back...I don't know how in the world I'm going to leave for Europe this summer...I'll cry a LOT lol

*dances around*

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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