April 26th, 2006

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Day to leave

Erik l'ange,

I'm a horrible packer lol I packed as soon as I got home...lol I'm a procrastinator...oh well I can't spell it but I am....trust me lol oh!  Today I found out that Tracey is going on the trip again!  That made my day!!  yaaay!  I won't be alone!  I burnt my Les Miserables cds for her because she wanted to listen to them.  I couldn't find the first cd but then I remembered I saved it to the computer...haha that was brilliant!  So I made us both a copy of that lol I hope it'll be fun.  I can't wait to get back though.  I'll get to share pictures and Gregg said he's getting a webcam and mic and he and Garry'll teach me how to play dungons and dragons and I'll get to talk to all my friends again...yesterday it took me a half hour just to say goodbye because I didn't know if I was going to be on and it was soooo hard to go.  It's amazing how wonderful I am to so many people....it'll go by quick!  Don't cry for me....(Argentina!)  lol

Anyways I'm not really sure what else to say except I hope that everyone takes care!  *blows kisses*

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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