April 24th, 2006

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What happened to the good?

Erik l'ange,

Well...yesterday was good but today has been horrible.  Got lots of homework, I'm sooo tired because I couldn't sleep at all last night not to mention I got home at 12:30 and I had school today, WHICH went by really slow and in science he gave us back those STUPID TESTS which EVERYONE did poorly on and he said he noticed that so what does he do?  He gives us 9 points...OH WHOPPEEE!!!!  A whole 9 points to bring my grade up to a 60%!  OMG HOW WONDERFUL!!!  He didn't even teach us it anyways and I'm mad at him STILL and now I science...I loved science but now I it!  I it and I feel like it was robbed from under my nose!!  So that was a lovely part of my day...and then I find out Tracy's NOT GOING TO NYC and she was the only person I'd call a friend who was actually going so I get to spend my wonderful time in the big apple ALONE.  How awesome.  Then I have tons of homework to do and I about DIED running the stupid mile today and did worse on everything and now I'm being turned into the bad guy YET AGAIN FOR CARING ABOUT SOMEONE!!!!  I shouldn't say how I feel...no wait...I DON'T say how I feel about anything.....because anything I say there's someone getting mad at me!  I finally find myself and people get mad because they don't like the me I am!  Anyways, that's just my wonderful life.  Now here's pictures and stuff about yesterday...happy stuff...so be happy lol

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Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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