April 15th, 2006

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Erik l'ange,

Well it seems I'll be updating as much as I can...probably every day...I hope.  Anyways, I'm about to go to bed lol it's about 6 am (gotta love vacation) I had an odd day...lots of emotions lol but I'm okay now...for now at least.  *gasp* the 23 is coming up!  Les Miserables...yaaay!  My english teacher said it was a good play in class the other day when they mentioned it on the announcments...IT IS!!  I loved it...I just have an issue with the whole BANG part...but yeah lol i'll be nervous the whole time.  I war lol  Then I'll be off to NYC a few days after it...that'll be fun!  I'll take lots and lots of pics to post here yaaay!  That'll be fun!  Then come summer I'll be in Europe...I'm just not starting to get nervous about it...I'm going to miss everyone SOOOO badly!  *sigh* but it's only 21 days, and I'll write often and take lots of pics...I bet when I come back I'll have entry after entry of pics and writings of mine lol

Well, I should be off to bed...*yawns* hey easter's tomorrow!

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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    "My Immortal" *sobs*