April 12th, 2006

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greek gods ATTACK US ALL

Erik l'ange,

Alright, AMAZING I know to hear from me...but it's true!  *people gasp* *awakens them to read this lj entry with water mwahaha* anyways, today for making the honor roll for the 3rd nine weeks I got to go to the cafateria (during GYM even!!!) and I got a brownie with ice cream on it and then there was chocolate syrup allll over the sundae...oh wow it was wonderful!  thank you school!  *hugs school*

We're reading the Odyssey in english...it sounds like it could be interesting but I'm not sure lol it's about greek gods and stuff and he said we're going to do a report on a greek god/godess of our chosing...so yeah lol.  Right now a report sounds wonderful!  I'm so sick of reading something, answering questions about it, then taking a test...I have learned hardly anything in that class, honestly!  Writing sounds nice and he SAID we were going to do poetry but apparently we're not *sobs* I want to do poetry!  (though I do every day in class...oh!  which reminds me...I wrote a really nice poem...I shall type it in you now!)
Dark Night
Why must the night sky be so dark?
Darkness is cruelty,
and intimidation
But it is not evil.
Nothing is evil
but the word
nothing is good
but the word.
But why must the night sky be so dark?
It doesn't strike a hand to the Earth, like the storm
It doesn't flood the Earth in it's tears, like the rain
It captivates the soul by the beaming moon
Sparking curiousity with the joyous stars
It does no harm to our poor little souls
But it remains a dark night
Imprisoned by it's color
Holding the unknown which we fear
What is there to fear?
Do we fear the kiss of the moonlight?
Do we fear the dewy air?
Do we fear other worlds out there?
Why must the night sky be so dark?

And there you have it lol.  One more thing before I go.  I was just re-reading my old diary awhile back...I have changed so much!  I can't believe I wrote what I did in that book.  I was everything I dislike now...I was a walking, miserable, sad, walking bundle of hormones lol!  it's true!  I can't believe how much i grew and the best thing is, I never finished the diary...so now I can write in it and I'll know how much I changed...most of it I don't remember.  I wrote a little but about 9-11 in it, it's that old lol.  It's 4 years old...only 4 years and I changed so much!  It's amazing.

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,


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