April 10th, 2006

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Recapie for your friend(s)!!

Erik l'ange,

I was bored today and thought up something...it's a fill in the blank sorta thing you can put in your lj if you want lol.  You pick a friend (or more it doesn't matter) and you make a recapie card on how you'd create them if they were food and you don't have to use food words...you can use "lovely" or "funny" or whatever lol any adjective word!!  Anyways, someone probably thought this up already so if it seems like, "hey I've seen that before" than credit goes out to whoever did this before me lol

How to make

  • 1 cup of
  • 2 tsp of
  • mixed together with
  • 2 bottles of
  • a pinch of
  • stir all together with
  • Bake at                for

Alright then it changed my font...anyways!  I'm doing alright...I had a horrible night's sleep though.  Being a woman stinks lol I that x chromosome!  I had cramps earlier in the day and then I took medicine for them as any normal person would...yes it helped...until like 2:30 am when they decided to come back!!!  So I was laying in bed, in total pain thinking of what to do to make them better so I went down and got medicine and got some sleep at like 4 or something...so I'm really tired today and I just feel all crummy like.

I also found out that my science teacher was a metalhead when he was in highschool :D.  Today someone said, "I hear you lose 10 brain cells every time you headbang!" and he said, "No that can't be true or I'd be !"  lol!  I thought that was awesome!  Yay for non-screaming metal!!

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,


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    okay I'm good except for cramps :-P