March 30th, 2006

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Take warning

Erik l'ange,

I was updating earlier but mom took me out to eat...I was somewhat more passionate about what I was writing about then but I'm going to keep writing about it.  Today we had an assembly over and it just touched me so deeply I had to write about it...and I wanted to write about that night emily ran away and I don't know just write about's really, really depressing though so PLEASE don't read this if you don't want to...don't feel like you have to and don't read it just because you feel curious to read it because there's a warning on here...I don't know what your limits are, I'm just writing this because I feel like I have to.  Therefore, I give you, my point of view of that night. (note I'm not thinking about , I just want to talk about it)  Following this entry will be a post telling all my friends how much I care about them and love them and why...I want them to know how loved they all are, even if they feel it's just by one person (though I know that's not true, they all are loved by more people than me).

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