March 27th, 2006

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Erik l'ange,

I figure it's about time to update.  Heather's sending me songs again yay!  It actually feels good to have songs being sent again :) It's fun!  She sent me two songs I'm only obsessed with lol which would be Save us Now (HIGHSPEED...ALIEN...DRUM BUNNY!!!!!) and The Last Crusade which I'm probably spelling wrong but what don't I misspell?  Anyways, I made a cd with those songs on it and am listening to it now *sigh* such wonderful my mom would faint to if she knew I was listening to it lol it's not bad lol just....metal.

Today in History someone's digital pet thing went off and I lost my attention to what the teacher was saying and she asked a question and asked me for the answer.  Luckily this teacher is this teacher and not someone else lol because I sat there thinking, "Oh shoot.....what do I say?" so I pretended not to know the answer to this unknown question and she rephrased it differently lol that was a close time in the same class I was absent and the next day she asked me something like, "what happened to the first colony ever?" and I wasn't there so I didn't know so I told her, "i don't know..." and the funny thing is she said, "that's exactly it!  we don't know!" hahaha so I got one right for saying I didn't know :D.  I love that class lol she was picking on me more than usual today too..and of course I'm tired today so it was hard to pay attention.

I'll write more if anything comes to mind...besides chocolate.

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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