February 19th, 2006

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Rain Obsession!!!

Erik l'ange,

I keep listening to the movie thing I made...I have no idea why.  I think I'm obsessed with the song..yeah that's it lol.  Or maybe I just want to know what it is about it that made Gregg cry and Heather say i sounded like a professional...lol maybe.  I can't be obsessed with my own voice lol but I'll most likely make some more...just don't have many songs to sing to..they're all musicals lol and not many like musicals.  But we ordered sheet music on the internet for this recitle thing on the 11th (of March).  We ordered a Fiddler on the Roof booklet thing, My Heart will go On, Remember, and Broken Vow...I really really wish all my friends could come and see me...that's rock beyond reason lol.  mom's letting me dress up in some nice dress we still have to find...only problem is they're all speghetti straps or strapless...and I my shoulders lol soooo it'll be a hunt!  Anyways, that would be nice...I'd get to sing with my friends right there!  Oh man lol I hope I can do that one day!

I actually am not sure what to do now...Gregg's grounded from the computer until Monday but he said he'll come on when his parents are asleep lol and Dean's asleep according to Heather and Heather's asleep as well as Rainy...so really I have nobody to talk to...hopefully someone will come on and keep me busy...until then *goes to make you look nice...the lj I mean :D*

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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