February 3rd, 2006

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Wound up...lovely...chocolate...

Erik l'ange,

I'm trying to work on a Narnia theme for my lj but my stupid internet keeps shutting down...grrrr...oh and blocking harmless sites! DIE COMPUTER DIE! Anyways, it'll work eventually...it will or I'll kill it...yes yes and it'll be FUN LIKE NEVER BEFORE...that should be some holiday...kill a computer day :D.

We're scheduling for next year already...goodness...I'll be a sophmore lol I feel so old yet so young...oh I'M SO TORN! (Yeah...I had chocolate earlier today, why do you ask?)

ooo ooo! I got a 22 our of 25 on my gym test..whoooooo go me! go me! I'm the only one...to study! *dances around* *throws confetti*

*sigh* but tomorrow I have to get up at about 7 or so to go to this solo and ensamble thing and then to a people to people meeting...I days like that but mom told me that on Sunday dad's going to come and take me out to eat or something to save me from the super bowl lol! No Texas Roadhouse...they have big TVs with TVs...gaa I the superbowl YOU CAN'T ESCAPE IT! SAAAAVE MEEE!!!! Oh well, Sunday should be nice...then it's back to school...

Alright, back to trying to change my lj Narniaful! Yes...I am obsessed...

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,

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