January 28th, 2006

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Erik l'ange,

Thursday was my birthday and I got to pick what we ate (grilled chicken, fried potatoes and broccoli) and we had to eat it late because lots of things were going on that day.  But I opened 3 gifts and I got a full les mis cd set, a colligraphy thing, and a sketchbook.  Then yesterday Em Miller came and took me to red lobster and I got some fried shrimp and a biiig slice of this AWESOMELY chocolate cake.  Then she took me to the mall and I got the soundtrack of Narnia (I LOVE IT!!!  *dances around to narnia's lullaby thing!!*)  Theeeeen today we went to Olive Garden and our waiting time was 1 hour and 30 minutes and we had to wait outside because there was no room and we waited for about a half hour and all BUT we had to wait FOREVER for the food to actually come...we were all ready to go by the time it came lol.  anyways I got this little giraffe thing from Flordia, two beautiful necklaces, a sweater and loooots of memory for my camera...yaaaay!  wahahaha I'll have to post more pictures soon :D

Until next time, I bid you goodbye,


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